Where to have great beer in Santiago?

In any part of the world, during winter or summer, travelling or in your hometown, at some point you might want to drink beer. So, find a neighborhood you like (or walk around where you are staying) and follow this “bar route”.

El Honesto Mike (Los Leones Av. #96)

El Honesto Mike

El Honesto Mike (Photo by panoramapavip.cl)

This stylish Providencia pub, decorated with antique TVs and a large bar, is the fusion between Beervana (an imported beer store) and Franklin Burgers (a food truck that started in Persa Biobío). The bar has about 20 draft beer from different parts of the world, which change every day, and include brands from Germany and Denmark, even with limited editions. Prices range from CLP 3,000 / USD 4.5 per pint of beer. There are also dozens of beers by bottle, especially IPAs imported from the United States.

To eat, there are snacks and 8 types of huge burgers; and something really good is that vegetarians can change any meat for a mushroom burger.

If you want to go, be patient, because this place is something like a “trendy beer bar” and it’s usually quite full.

Uncle Fletch (Jorge Washington St. #11)

Two years ago, Uncle Fletch opened a branch in Plaza Ñuñoa (now they have 2 more in Santiago). In this place you can try 16 kinds of draft beer in three different sizes: 170 cc., 350 cc. and 500 cc. (from CLP 3300 / USD 5 per pint). In addition you will find a menu with 60 different bottle varieties (from CLP 3200 / USD 5). If choosing a beer among so many options confuses you, don’t worry: you can try the “beerfull”, a tasting of five ( CLP 6900 / USD 11) or eight beers ( CLP 9900 / USD 15) in 180 cc. glasses.

As for food, here you can eat salads and, of course, very large hamburgers, (there are several vegetarian options). I must say the place is a bit expensive, but it’s a good option if you like to eat and drink well, in a quiet environment where you don’t have to shout to your companions.

Flannerys Irish Geo Pub (Encomenderos St. #179)

Flannery's Irish Geo Pub

Flannery’s Irish Geo Pub (Photo by Flannery’s)

If you love Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations and think the best thing about an Irish bar is to sit down and talk to the bartender, this is your spot. In this place, located near Tobalaba Metro station, you can find more than 20 kinds of bottled beer, both Chilean and imported, ranging from CLP 3,000 / USD 4.5. Also 17 varieties of beer on tap, also from CLP 3,000 / USD 4.5 per pint. It’s possible to order half pints, which gives you the option to try more beer without drinking or spending too much. The most recommended ones are definitely the house beers.

To eat there are pizzas, snack boards and dishes; but we are in Irish mode, so we recommend the Irish Fish and Chips or the Irish potatoes.

Irish Pub Saint Patrick (Ricardo Cummings St. #340)

Between Yungay and Brasil neighborhoods, you can find this Irish bar with a wide variety of beers and a very entertaining atmosphere with good music. The bar offers 12 varieties, mainly from Chile, Belgium and Czech Republic. The prices for a 500 cc. glass range from CLP 3,100 / USD 4.8. If you aren’t satisfied with this range of tap beer, you have more than 100 bottled beers to make you happy. Most are German and Belgian, starting at CLP 2400 / USD 3.7.

Regarding food, this place is famous for having gigantic and delicious chorrillanas. If you don’t like fries so much, there are also quesadillas and snacks boards.

Pepperland (Santa Isabel Av. #261)

Pepperland Bar

Pepperland Bar (Photo by Pepperland)

This place is located a few blocks from Barrio Italia and decorated like a typical English bar: tiny, cozy and with good British music. About beer, you can choose between 18 draft beers (which always vary) and more than 50 brands of bottles. Both formats, from CLP 2500 / USD 4. The highlight is the tremendous variety of hard-to-find Chilean beers, such as Granizo, Vaguada Costera, Cuello Negro and Selva, among others.

If we talk about food, the interesting thing about this bar is that all its menu is vegetarian and consists of chorrillanas, sandwich with homemade mayo and pizzas, all named after songs by The Beatles.

The prices are quite good and the atmosphere is relaxed.

Rubik (Seminario St. #515)

Right in Barrio Italia there’s a small and interesting bar. The beers are the stars of the menu, where each one has its own explanation, alcoholic percentage and its quantity. There are more than 40 varieties of bottles from around the world, which cost from CLP 1,800 / USD 2.8. There are also 12 draft varieties, which change every day (from CLP 3,000 / USD 4.5).

There quite generous dishes, like fries, snack boards and burgers. The atmosphere is very relaxed and some weekends there are live music, especially jazz.

HBH (Irarrázaval Av. #3176)

Cervecería HBH

Cervecería HBH (Photo by HBH)

This bar, with more than 20 years of existence, is a classic of the Ñuñoa district. Unlike the other places we mentioned, this bar doesn’t have such a wide range of beers, but you can see how they make it while sitting at your table, since their factory is located in-house.

HBH has 3 varieties of craft beer: black, blonde and amber, at very convenient prices: CLP 2,000 / USD 3 the pint. That adds up to an entertaining variety of flavoured beers, including black beer with cocoa liquor and blond beer with pineapple syrup. Micheladas are also very good.

Food wise the menu is also small, but good and cheap: there is a wide variety of pizzas by the slice, sandwiches and snack boards. If it’s Friday or Saturday, arrive early, because it’s always full.

Café 202 (Estados Unidos St. # 202)

Café 202

Café 202 (Photo by Café 202)

This tiny cafe bar, which is just outside Lastarria neighborhood, is a bonus track. It doesn’t qualify for having the largest variety of beers, nor the most party atmosphere, but it’s ideal to go for a nice craft beer and feeling at home (if you live in a cool house). Service is always good, the place is always cool and the Sun always shines over the tables by Villavicencio St. It’s the best way to relax on a warm spring afternoon.

Prices are quite convenient compared to the neighborhood. Craft beer in 500 cc. glasses goes from CLP 2,800 / USD 4.5 and bottles from CLP 2500 / USD 4.

If you want to eat there are individual pizzas, sandwiches, sweets and snacks, all delicious and in a fair amount, which means that you won’t leave feeling hungry, nor filled up with food.

If your mouth is already watering, go find some of these places or tell us which are your favorites. If you are carrying your luggage because you are just passing by Santiago or you are thirsty after shopping all day, contact one of our keepairs and leave your things in a safe place before drinking. These bars may be just the first step of a great night out in Santiago. Cheers.

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