Peru is a country that I would visit again and again, I love the diversity of landscapes that it has. I have had the opportunity to see its mountains, jungle and coast; and there are still many places I want to visit.

On this occasion, I spent a few days in Lima and then i went to northern Peru to enjoy the summer on the best beaches in the country. The north of Peru is very visited for its beaches and is also very chosen by those who like to surf.

For my trip to the beach I knew I would not need much clothes, and I did not want to be carrying my large suitcase, so I decided to leave it in Lima. I stored it in Pariwana in Miraflores through the Airkeep platform. It is very easy, this hostel is located in Kennedy Park and it was a very good solution to leave my suitcase there.

If you are going to move by bus to the north, I recommend stopping in Huanchaco and Chiclayo so that your journey is not so long. But, if you decide to go by plane, I recommend you fly to Talara, Piura or Tumbes and from there all the other beaches are very close to each other.

Huanchaco, Trujillo

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This beach is a destination to relax, but at the same time it is close to several historical sites.

I recommend you stay at the hostel ATMA Hostel & Yoga Huanchaco, it is a very nice hostel that offers yoga classes.

Huanchaco is considered an International Surfing Reserve, being a place very visited by tourists who like to practice this sport, and it is also a very good place to learn.

In Huanchaco there are also many fishermen who go into the sea in the traditional boats, Caballitos de Totora, made of cane. You can also book fishing tours with them.

The classic lunch in Huanchaco is ceviche with fresh fish and cochayuyo.

Pimentel, Chiclayo

After a night or two in Huanchaco, continue on to Pimentel. The Chiclayo area is well known for the classic chiclayana food. The best known is black shell ceviche and rice with A Chiclayana dish.

The beach of Pimentel is also very nice, with a nice pier to watch the sunset. Here you will also see the same boats as in Huanchaco. On this beach you can alsorent motorbikes.

Having stopped at Huanchaco and Pimentel, it’s time to go north. You can choose to stay in Mancora or Los Organos, and from there, go for the day to know the surrounding beaches. I’ve stayed in both of us, so I’m going to tell you what I think of each one.

Máncora, Piura


Mancora is a very touristic destination. If you stay here, you’re going to have everything you need, from restaurants, parties, beach, everything is nearby and there are a lot of people.

In summer this place fills up. If you are looking for parties, the place that is full of foreigners is Loki, it’s a party hostel that has a pool and exit to the beach. In this hostel they organize activities and competitions all the time so that you meet people. There’s beerpong, themed parties. So if you’re looking forward to dancing and enjoying, stay at Loki.

That being said, at Loki, there’s always a party, there’s music all day and that can end up being a little tiring. Another option is to stay in a quieter place, and in the evenings you party to Loki.

In Mancora there are beaches to surf and you can do many tours. I stayed 5 days in Loki Mancora, but I was overwhelmed by the music and how crowded Mancora gets. If you go with friends and want to party, Mancora is for you. I decided to get away from the movement a little bit and went to Los Organos for a week.

Los Organos, Piura

Just 30 minutes south of Mancora, is the town of Los Organos. This town has a different vibe than Mancora. The town is bigger but less touristy. I like it because I can walk unnoticed through the streets, while in Mancora they offer you tours all the time.

The first time I went to Los Organos was last year, I was staying in Mancora, and I was going to go to Los Organos only for one night to see it, and I was so pleased, that I decided to return this year 10 days only to Los Organos.

In Los Organos there is a magical hostel called Tiki Surf House, it is a place with a very special energy, and all the people who go, then do not want to leave.

This hostel is a little far from the town, by the entrance of Los Organos hidden among the dunes. You’re going to experience total calm. The people who work there are very nice, they always build community to cook together. The beach is 10 minutes walk through the dunes, and it is very special because at that height of the beach there is no one, so you will have it for yourself.

In Los Organos I’ve seen the best sunsets of my life. This place calls me to be calm, leave my phone and just be. In terms of food, I decided to go to the market and cook at the hostel. 

The hostel also has food you can buy, I tried be Vegan Pancakes and they were amazing!

Also, the hostel owner does surf lessons and trips. This year I surfed with him for the first time and it was super fun! I would love to continue to learn about this sport. 

Once you decide whether you’ll stay in Mancora or Los Organos, you can do day trips to other beaches. To go from Mancora to Los Organos you can take the EPPO bus for only 2 soles and it takes 30 minutes. If not, you could get a taxi but it would be more expensive. 

Punta Sal and Zorritos, Tumbes


These 2 beaches are at the north of Mancora, almost reaching the border of Peru with Ecuador. So being more at the north, its warmer, the water is clear and the sand white, so it’s definately worth a visit. 

Punta Sal is a hour north from Mancora and Zorritos an hour and a half North from Punta Sal. 

Here you can choose what to do, you could choose one and go spend the day or even a night. There’s also a tour you can take to Manglares de Tumbes, where you stop at these beaches and stay for an hour in each and then go see the Manglares. What I did, was I took the tour, and then liked Zorritos so I went another day to spend the whole day there.

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